Our litters

All individuals used for breeding met the breeding requirements of the ALAEU, whether it is requirements for temperament, exterior and especially medical testing. We have an extensive breeding database ALAEU or WALA (Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association) available for the selection of breeding partners.

Although we are still at the start of ALD breeding, we have many years of experience in breeding King Charles Spaniel cavalier, whether as breeders, exhibitors or club officials. The priority for us is the home breeding of balanced, healthy and exterior quality puppies, in which we also use our experience in ethology and training based on methods of positive conditioning.

We provide our owners with a lifelong consulting service and we will be happy to provide non-binding information to those interested in ALD, who have not yet had the opportunity to learn more about this charming breed.

Link to ALAEU Code of Ethics: https://alaeu.com/en/code-of-ethics/

WAITING LIST CLOSED, we expect the next litter at the end of 2022.